Storm Damage - Sunday May 30th, 2004

The bottom line is, that everyone is safe. Nate is on his way home from the Indy 500, going through the storms in Indiana on the road. He has called, and has seen some devastation, but he is safe. He will come home to this though.


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This is what we came home to from the Graduation Party.

Congratulations to
Justin Murphy!
Geneva,IL 2004

View from the missing fence section.
You should be able to see the sidewalk all the way down the street from here. Our house is to the left (you can see the corner). This is our back fence.
View from our patio door. I had the grille wired to the ground. It shifted, but remained upright.
Another view out the patio door.
Leaning out, you can see the new gutter is shredded on the corner.
Made a mess of Cindy's hard work in the garden.
Debris everywhere. Just look out the front door. There are large branches in the flower bed to the left too. Some 6 to 8 feet long.

If you look close, you can see the branches off the big tree to the left, and just a stump, where there was a tree, between the house and the big tree still standing. The broken one went to the back, and not on the house (thankfully).
This is the back tree.
Arrows indicate damage. Same as above picture.
I look at this tree out my bedroom window.
This one is in the same complex, less than 100 yards away from the house.
Another angle on the one I see out the window.
This one was shredded on the top only. It looked like the top was spun and shredded. I wouldn't be surprised it it was a twister dancing on the top of this one.
Another shot from the back of the house.
Yet another showing our fence from the back street.
The downed panel, and the cat enclosure behind it
At least my new siding is still there. My neighbor down the street was not as lucky. He wasn't the only one either.
  Day 2, Right before clean up - - - - - -
View from the front of the house
Limbs that were still on the house from overnight

The view from the neighbor to the West

From the neighbors back yard. This tree is in the cities easement
Looking at our back patio (under there somewhere)
Debris in the back from the patio door
from the back fence in the corner
our house from the back street
another shot of all the limbs
from the back along the fence
The bird house, and windmill both got hit by flying limbs
on the roof, this one was about 8 feet long
another shot of the debris from the roof
this is where the limbs all collected, from the roof. looks like if it would have been snow, it would have been a snow drift. Everything piled in to this corner.
The Petunia's..... The Women of the house were so proud of that bucket of Petunia's. It took a while to uncover them. We didn't see them at all last night. When we finally found it, they had been speared by a branch.
Another shot of the Petunia pot (Warning... these are graphic images)

Thank you to my Brother in Law (and neighbor) Jim, and at least 4 other close neighbors for coming together to help us clean up the mess. It sure helped a lot! It makes you feel great to know that others will come to help in times like this.